701.9311/7–1149: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 714. During past week, we received unusual number requests visas Foreign Office officials assigned various posts US and on investigation learn Foreign Office had agreed issue diplomatic or official passports and give choice of post assignment abroad to any their employees who could pay own way to post and support themselves there indefinitely without receiving any salary or allowances from Chinese Government.

As soon as this information obtained, I approached Vice Minister Tung who stated all these people accepting such assignments as patriotic duty in order save Chinese Government funds and that all would [Page 422] work full time post of assignment. He stated only 10 such appointments would be made posts US, of which 7 have already obtained visas.

I pointed out obvious effect such procedure on those his own Ministry who could not afford “assign themselves abroad” as well as hue and cry bound to arise when other government agencies learn Foreign Ministry is taking such advantage its special position. I went on say that this, coming on heels Sun Fo case,86 was bound make US scrutinize requests diplomatic and official visas much more carefully and that if large number requests for visas continued we would be forced to go into each case in detail and probably obtain individual clearance from Department before issuing visas.

Persons who obtained appointments under this arrangement generally very mediocre caliber … Tung states, however, their services needed at posts and unless given assignment abroad might go over Communists.

Rush to secure assignments abroad may be taken indication extent Chinese Government officials believe their own recent statements that situation South China now stabilized and Canton safe for indefinite future. Manner which Foreign Office dealing out diplomatic passports and assignments abroad also indicates utter venality many those official Chinese who continue approach US for statement “moral support”.

  1. The former President of the Chinese Executive Yuan had planned to join the staff of the Chinese Ambassador in the United States.