The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

No. 26

Sir: I have the honor to enclose in translation the “Joint Anti-Communist and National Salvation Manifesto” issued at Canton on July 7, 1949, twelfth anniversary of the opening of the War of Resistance against Japan, by leaders of political parties, noted educators, and scholars in Nationalist China.

This Manifesto was released to the public at a special press conference held at the Executive Yuan on the afternoon of July 6. The press conference featured speeches by two Kuomintang leading lights and by the chiefs of the Young China and Democratic Socialist Parties discussing the significance of this statement of unity. The Manifesto was stated to have been signed personally by a huge number of national leaders, including the Gimo, Li Tsung-jen, Bishop Paul Yu Pin,79 Hu Shih,80 etc., etc.

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This translation was supplied by the Information Office of the Executive Yuan.

Respectfully yours,

Lewis Clark

Translation of “Joint Anti-Communist and National Salvation Manifesto” Issued July 7, 1949

As an expression of solidarity top-level officials of the Chinese Government, leaders of the different political parties, and noted educators and scholars issue the following joint anti-Communist and national salvation manifesto on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of July 7th.

Twelve years ago today, the Chinese Government and people in order to safeguard the existence of the nation and to preserve the peace of the world undertook to launch an all-out resistance against the Japanese aggressors. After a period of bitter struggle the war of resistance was finally won. Four years have elapsed. During this period if the communists had truly appreciated the difficult task of nation-building and the magnitude of the sacrifices the people had made, and if they had demonstrated their patriotism by not indulging themselves in armed rebellion and by accepting the Government’s program of peace and reconstruction, the earnest desire of the people to live and carry on their pursuits in peace would have been realised, the policy of the Government for the mobilization of the nation’s manpower for purposes of reconstruction would have been put into effect, and China would have become now a unified, peaceful and prosperous country, contributing her due share to the security of the world and the welfare of mankind. Unfortunately, the Chinese communists taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the war of resistance and the weakened state of the nation undertook to expand their armed forces and to disturb national peace, thereby bringing to nought the fruits of eight years of war of resistance, and making the plight of the country more serious than it was twelve years ago.

We know too well, under Communist domination the country can have no independence, the individuals can have no freedom, there can be no improvement in the livelihood of the people, and Chinese culture and civilization must face extinction. The danger which confronts the nation today is in truth the greatest that has ever faced the nation in its entire history. With the fall of the iron curtain on the 450,000,000 people which will inevitably follow the communist domination, the stability of the Far East and the peace of the world will no doubt be disturbed. In view of the gravity of the situation we must present a united front and dedicate ourselves to the fight for freedom against the communists to the bitter end. What will our lives matter and what is the good of party differences should the nation perish? Our efforts [Page 419] must therefore be relentless and unceasing until our territorial integrity is preserved, until our national independence is guaranteed, and until our political and economic rights are maintained.

It is greatly to be hoped that our people will sincerely and fully cooperate with the Government, pool their resources, revive their spirit of the war of resistance and in a determined effort to subdue the present unprecedented crisis and to consummate the task of national salvation and reconstruction, carry our national front to a successful end.

  1. Of the Roman Catholic Church in China.
  2. Chinese Ambassador to the United States, 1938–42; former Chancellor of National Peking University.