893.00/6–749: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1227. If further evidence were needed of completely subservient role being played by KmtRC, it is provided by latter’s proclamation to Kmt members in South China summarized in NCNA:92 broadcast June 4. Full text printed in Hsin Hua Jih Pao June 5 is thoroughly Communist in viewpoint and phraseology and contains usual reference to weakness of US and British imperialism as contrasted with growing strength of socialist and new democratic countries headed by Soviet. Proclamation urges Kmt members in political and military posts to cooperate with PLA, but significantly omits invitation for them to join KmtRC.

As Kmt and its satellite parties have been dissolved in Communist China and Communists are unlikely permit large scale recruiting by so-called “democratic” parties, CCP will remain only party with mass base. This does not mean idea of coalition government has been abandoned. Widespread dissemination and vigorous official encouragement to study Mao Tse-tung’s new democracy and on coalition government [Page 372] both of which envisage coalition, argue against this. However, since “democratic leaders” given place in coalition for window dressing will have little personal following and no party machine, political task of CP will from outset be simpler than in countries like Poland or Hungary.

Sent Department; repeated Shanghai 661, OffEmb Canton 506, Peiping 203.

  1. New China News Agency (Communist).