893.00B/6–349: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao (Hawthorne) to the Secretary of State

238. CC82 troops occupied Tsingtao afternoon June 2 local time and issued usual 7-point proclamation. Martial law enforced and law and order appear to have been restored. Local radio announced Ma Pao-shan as Mayor and Liu Yi-ping as Commander General.

Because joint consular representations or lack time, National troops did not damage utilities prior withdrawal.

Chinese police, paid by ConGen [to] guard U.S. Government properties, disarmed and U.S. Government property No. 1 Kwangsi Road, used store ConGen’s fuel, occupied and guards placed entrance ConGen prevented egress radio operators. No vehicular traffic without pass, source which as yet unknown but will lodge appropriate protests when possible.

SS President Taft loaded with cotton for city granted permission enter harbor today through arrangements by consignees with new regime.

Forty-six Americans Tsingtao believed safe, well; Department please notify next kin including Mrs. Hawthorne. 913 Pierce Street, San Francisco.

This message by telephone from residence to office.

Sent Nanking 174, repeated OffEmb Canton 82, Department 238.

  1. Chinese Communist.