893.002/6–149: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 516. When Chu Chang-wei65 informed me approval by Legislative Yuan appointment [of] Chu Cheng66 as Premier, Cantel 509, May 31, repeated Nanking 346, Shanghai 298, he had lost sight of fact that positive majority those present is required for approval. There were 303 members present, 9 ballots declared void, thus giving Chu 1 short necessary majority. Opposition Chu Cheng was stronger than had been expected.

Chu now informs me that Li Tsung-jen is considering 3 courses action:

Reappointment Chu Cheng, risking second defeat;
Appointment Yen Hsi-shan67 which he is reluctant to do because C–C clique is supporting Yen so strongly;
Choose another. He mentioned possibly Chu Chia-hua, former Minister Education, this regard. There is also possibility letting Acting Vice Premier carry on for time being. Legislative Yuan is remaining in session through June 3 this regard.

Sent Department repeated Nanking 352, Shanghai 303.

  1. Political adviser to Acting President Li Tsung-jen.
  2. President of the Chinese Judicial Yuan.
  3. Former Governor of Shansi.