893.00/3–2749: Telegram

The Consul General at Peiping (Clubb) to the Secretary of State

493. Peiping Hsin Hua radio station last night 1800 hours broadcast following, basic text of which is published all local papers today:

“Radio station of Nanking Kuomintang reactionary government please note. This station by order is now broadcasting to you an important notification. Please note and receive message as follows:

“As regards matter of undertaking peace negotiations with Nanking Kuomintang reactionary government, Chinese Communist Party Central Committee today decided:

  • “(1) Time of beginning negotiations, April 1;
  • “(2) Place of negotiations, Peiping;
  • “(3) Chou En-lai,52 Lin Po-chu,53 Lin Piao,54 Yeh Chien-ying,55 Li Wei-han56 designated as delegates, with Chou En-lai to be chief delegate, (to meet) with Nanking delegation using Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s January 14 statement regarding political situation, and eight points proposed by him, as basis for bilateral negotiations;
  • “(4) Above-mentioned points to be notified through radio station same day to Nanking Kuomintang reactionary government, (which should) according above-stipulated time and place dispatch its delegation bearing all requisite material needed for eight points in order facilitate undertaking negotiations.”

[Page 205]

Above version from Ta Chung Jih Pao.

Sent Department; Nanking 315, OffEmb Canton, Shanghai 352.

  1. Member of Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and its representative at the Chinese capital during the 1946 negotiations.
  2. Also known as Lin Tsu-han, Communist official.
  3. Communist military commander in North China.
  4. Communist mayor of Peiping, formerly Chief of Staff.
  5. Communist representative in Chungking during early 1946.