893.00/1–949: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

62. At suggestion of my French colleague I met with him and British Ambassador last evening to discuss the Chinese approach to the four powers for restoration of peace in China (mytel 61, January 8). Both my colleagues said that they had made no comment to Foreign Minister other than to agree to transmit the substance of note promptly to their Governments.

During the course of our discussions last evening it became apparent that we were all agreed on following points:

That this is an effort by Chinese Government to play for time at this critical period;
That it is also effort to avoid loss of face by requesting others to perform unpleasant task of approaching Communists; that if Government were sincerely desirous of getting in touch with Communists, it could do so without outside assistance;
No possible chance of successful mediation unless all four powers willing act in concert and it is most unlikely that USSR would agree to participate;
Even if USSR agreed, it is doubtful its participation would be in good faith and thus ineffective on CCP.

We further agreed that there was nothing that we could do here other than transmit note to our respective Governments and await their instructions.

Department in its discretion please pass London and Paris.