125.9370/8–2449: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Tihwa ( Mackiernan ) to the Secretary of State

233. Consulate closed to public August 16 and all employees discharged by August 20.

British Consul General advises he has received preliminary instructions re assumption custody US Government property China and expects final notification shortly. In view this and Deptels 120, August 1657 and 115, August 11,58 and since nothing evacuated with Paxton and present chances evacuation any archives or equipment almost nil, will proceed at once as follows:

[Page 1322]

Destroy: All archives, cryptographic material and motion picture films (will retain enough OTP pads for communication with Department during period I remain Tihwa).

Sell if possible: Expendable Government supplies such as stationery supplies and gasoline.

Turn over to British Consulate General: US Government real estate and nonexpendable property.

Advise what receipts and other documents Department requires from British Consulate General when turnover effected.

Sent Department 233; repeated OffEmb Canton.

  1. Same as telegram No. 2925 to London, p. 1319.
  2. Not printed.