702.4193/8–1649: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas)42

2925. Submit formal request FonOff British Consulates accept custody US Govt property at Canton, Tihwa, Chungking, Kunming when our Consulates and Emb close those cities.43

Dept will make funds available to British for salaries caretakers and essential upkeep.

If British willing accept this responsibility assume FonOff will so inform its reps China. Request this be done urgently. Keep Dept informed.

  1. Repeated to Canton as No. 584, Chungking as No. 70, Kunming as No. 67, and Tihwa as No. 120.
  2. The Ambassador in the United Kingdom replied in telegram No. 3260, August 17, 7 p. m., that a formal request had been submitted to the British Foreign Office on that date (702.4193/8–1749).