125.313/8–949: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Vice Consul at Chungking (McGeary)26

62. Dept concurs view expressed urtel 147 Aug 9 Amcits shld be advised soonest Con does not expect remain event Commie takeover. However, in light announced intention ChiGovt move capital Chungking27 with fall Canton and recent implementation this plan, Dept believes public announcement this time plan close office shld be avoided. Con therefore auth[orized] confidentially inform Amcits consular district and British, French colleagues [that] Con expects close and withdraw staff prior any Commie takeover city. Con shld inform Amcits office available assist those desiring evacuate now and they shld plan early departure if not intending remain event office closed and area taken over by Commies, as no assurances can be given facilities will be available that time for general evacuation Amcits.

Dept believes decision re date closure shld be deferred pending military developments south and west China and decision ChiGovt re location capital. View foregoing, Con shld take no final steps this time dismissal alien personnel, closing USIE, disposal of properties or public action indicative office to be closed. Suggest, however, making confidential inquiries willingness British colleague assume custodianship Govt-owned compound and payment costs upkeep property.

Con shld ship only those files not necessary current Reference use and conduct business of office. Ship to ConGen Hong Kong for forwarding National Archives Wash.

AmConsul Kunming shld take action outlined above where applicable, including confidential warning to Amcits.

  1. Repeated on the same date to the Embassy in China, the Chargé in China, the Vice Consul at Kunming, and the Consul General at Hong Kong as telegrams Nos. 953, telCan 558, 61, and 722, respectively.
  2. For documentation on this subject, see pp. 547 ff.