124.93/8–1149: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in China (Clark), at Canton

TelCan 553. ReCantel 893, Aug 11,25 question whether or not completely close Canton ConGen expected be decided later today in consultation with new advisory group recently appointed to counsel on policy matters.

Meanwhile, you are authorized close EmbOff Canton whenever in your judgment this move desirable and make any necessary preparations departure personnel who shld proceed first to Hong Kong. Re Canton’s tel 267 Aug 8, ConGen staff shld be reduced to skeleton framework and preparations made for travel departing personnel. Dept relies ur and Rankin’s judgment general lines reduction, but inform Dept soonest for its info. In forefront considerations in selection departing personnel shld be length of duty at post, health and family status. Administrative instrs re closure and future assignment departs will be subject sep[arate] tel.

You shld immed notify Amers ur area by most expeditious means of closure EmbOff and state that no assurance can be given that ConGen will not likewise be closed and staff withdrawn prior to Commie arrival near Canton.

  1. Not printed.