893.1115/8–549: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Chungking (McGeary) to the Secretary of State

140. Warning issued American citizens this district today verbatim Deptel 58, August 3,14 paragraph 2, and delivered by messenger in Chungking; airmailed double registry three other places.

Presently two Chinese commercial airlanes CNAC15 and CATC16 have daily flights via Canton to Hong Kong with no backlog. CAT has numerous unscheduled flights to Canton. Believe inadvisable go Canton due difficulties accommodations and possible backlog passengers boats, trains, planes Canton, Hong Kong. Local supply aviation gasoline has been in very short supply for several weeks and there is possibility reduction number flights and even cessation air travel. Chinese commercial airlines increasingly negligent in maintenance, sufficient supply fuel, and safe loading planes. American traveler Hong Kong-Chungking reported recently that drums of gas were carried at each end of plane, were insufficiently tied down and passengers were permitted to smoke.

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Americans now remaining have for most part decided stay come what may, perhaps on basis understanding that Consulate staff do likewise and desire American Government that key personnel remain maintain interests. If American citizens informed Consulate closing, believe many will wish to leave. Therefore, in fairness all concerned strongly recommend that announcement be made on entry Communists into Szechuan Province that Consulate will close. Consulate will advise inquiring Americans that no assurances can be given that Consul will remain.

Sent Department 140; repeated Nanking 143, OffEmb Canton 9.

  1. Same as telegram No. 56 to Kunming, supra
  2. China National Aviation Corporation.
  3. Central Aviation Transport Corporation.