125.937D/7–2949: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Tihwa ( Paxton )8

101. After careful consideration all factors Dept has decided close Consulate Tihwa. In arriving this decision Dept has had in mind absence private Amers or private Amer interests requiring protection in area, and probability increasing threat personal safety staff and [Page 1306] impossibility supplying post if already tenuous communications via western China cut.

Travel orders and administrative instrs being sent separate tel. Recommend Off Emb Canton explore possibility special CAT9 flight Lanchow–Tihwa to afford transportation personnel and personal effects. Tihwa’s comments requested re this as well as re feasibility you and staff alternatively proceeding by truck to Lanchow and thence by air. Wld also appreciate ur recommendations re disposition Govt property Tihwa in view probability Consulate will not be reopened in foreseeable future.

Dept desires you proceed orderly liquidation Consulate as rapidly as possible hi order you and staff may leave while safe exit remains.

Rinden shld not leave Canton pending further instrs.

  1. Repeated to the Ambassador in China, to the Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China at Canton, and to the Consul at Shanghai as telegrams Nos. 900, telCan 517, and 1500, respectively.
  2. Civil Air Transport.