123 [Olive, William M.]: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)96

793. Re Shanghai’s 2646 Jul 7 rptd Nanking 1468, gist being telegraphed Peiping by Dept.97 If not already done, Emb shld immediately make protest to appropriate Chi Commie auths in strong and forceful term re arrest, beating, detention incommunicado Vice Consul Olive. Dept recommends immediate oral protest to Alien Affairs Bureau to be fol by written memo detailing facts in case as outlined by ConGen Shanghai but leaves final decision as to method protest to discretion Emb. Emb shld impress on Commie auths that US Govt takes extremely serious view this flagrant violation established internatl law re treatment consular officials. Emb shld also protest on humanitarian grounds insulting and arbitrary treatment accorded consular officers who went to police station merely to inquire re Olive and bring him food.

ConGen Peiping requested take similar action.98

  1. Repeated to the Consul General at Shanghai as No. 1356 and to the Consul General at Peiping as No. 417.
  2. Telegram No. 418, July 7, 6 p. m., not printed.
  3. The Consul General at Peiping in telegram No. 1151, July 10, 10 a. m., reported he had sent letter on this matter that day to the Headquarters of the Communist “People’s Liberation Army”.