125.633/1–549: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

39. Following is pertinent portion Hong Kong’s 1, January 3, to Embassy:

“Chiao Mu2 today said he had learned from ‘traveler from Shanghai’ that ‘all personnel Mukden American Consulate General are well’. In further remarks Chiao Mu said question of communications for Mukden Consulate General is part of larger question of US attitudes toward new government and toward Kmt3 Government clearly indicating granting of any facilities to Consulate General would depend on future course US policy. This contrasted sharply with his original (apparently personal) emphatic stand immediate restoration communication facilities desirable, and suggests today’s statement represent[s] official view. Subject was introduced by him in today’s conversation. Elsewhere in conversation he [de]scribed essential difference in Communist view of US missionary organizations and consular establishments, saying former are dedicated to helping Chinese people while latter are offices of US Government, thus in entirely different status. Said Communists take broad view of non-political mission activity especially schools, hospitals, et cetera.”

In our opinion attitude adopted by Chinese Communists toward American Consulate General in Mukden, not to speak of more neutral British and French Consulate Generals there, is little short of blackmail. It is among most convincing evidence yet that Chinese Communist leaders are basically British [sic] bigots out of Bolshevik mold.

This newly expressed attitude of theirs toward foreign consular offices, incidentally, is in startling contrast to fine promises of fair treatment [Page 934] of foreigners which they have recently made in Tsinan, Mukden, Peiping, Tsingtao, Shanghai, et cetera.

Solitary humorous note but significant one is found in the recantation by this naive Hong Kong Communist of his former decent and optimistic attitude toward communication problem of our Consulate General. Doubtless he was himself surprised by the highhandedness of CCP4 leaders.

Sent Department, repeated Shanghai 23, Mukden 1.

  1. Head of local branch of the Communist New China News Agency, Hong Kong.
  2. Kuomintang (Nationalist Party).
  3. Chinese Communist Party.