123 Bacon, Leonard Lee: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

956. In view Commie occupation Nanking and lapse nearly 10 weeks without Soviet response to Bacon visa application, we suggested Dept instruct Peiping ConGen to apply legal authorities for authorization Bacon and Boorman27 travel overland to Dairen via Manchuria or by sea on Chinese vessel out of Tientsin. Commies have announced Tientsin–Pukow railroad will be operable by June 1. Soviets may intend to base visa refusal on ground travel via Vladivostok north no longer necessary, but this argument would be invalid if application to Chinese Commies has been refused or unanswered. Same considerations would apply Colling when Shanghai falls.

Re Peiping’s 164, April 30, repeated Dept 733.28 Embassy recommends assignment Boorman [to] Dairen soonest so that application can be made at once basis actual assignment.

Sent Dept; repeated Shanghai 520, AmEmb Canton 369, Dairen 30, Peiping 148, Moscow 27.

  1. Howard L. Boorman, Vice Consul at Peiping.
  2. Not printed.