125.3513/4–3049: Telegram

The Consul at Dairen ( Paddock ) to the Secretary of State

131. Clerk Chao (who sleeps office) says police last night midnight broke down door his house and searched house 3 hours. Took two English language books.

Contel 62, March 3 and Nanking telegram 858 to Department April 2526 describe his situation here.

Police have made series visits his house questioning wife why he works American Consulate; 2 days ago he called to police station and himself questioned. He says he usually followed by plain clothesman.

Department requested instruct Consulate re action it should take in event Chao or other member staff arrested or detained by police. In such event Consulate would prefer not have to wait to communicate with Department before protesting local authorities.

Note that police visited house of chauffeur night before last, Contel 129, April 29.

Sent Department 13; repeated Nanking 93, American Embassy Canton 37, Shanghai 123, Moscow 76.

  1. Neither printed.