125.351/4–2349: Telegram

The Consul at Dairen ( Paddock ) to the Secretary of State

118. In last half year treatment of consular auto by Chinese traffic police of the Kwantung administration has been highly discriminatory and rude. Incidents increasing when auto stopped and chauffeur (or Consular officer if driving) subjected to 10 minutes harangue for alleged violation traffic regulations.

By now, reasons given for stopping car so picayune, it assumed police instructed step up program of petty annoyances on American Consulate. In past 3 weeks 4 such incidents when no traffic regulation broken.

Increased police pressure drove away another servant from my household only few weeks ago.

I wrote Chief Soviet Kommandatura April 9 for interview to discuss traffic police. No reply, but Gleysteen arrest produced interview April 16 which afforded opportunity bring up subject of Kwantung police. I emphasized Kwantung police are direct Soviet responsibility. He said his reply on this problem would be sent “in 2 or 3 days”. No reply yet received.

Unwarranted discourtesy and discrimination of police reported now merely for Department’s information and to give background (re immediately preceding telegram, of another phase of Soviet administration of Dairen).

Sent Department 118, repeated Nanking 84, AmEmbassy Canton 28, Shanghai 114, Moscow 66.