123 Gleysteen, Culver: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

803. Provided Dairen concurs, Embassy urges Department give fullest publicity facts stated Dairen’s 108 to Department April 17 [15] preferably at time protest despatched to Foreign Office Moscow (reference Dairen’s 109 to Department April 16, repeated Nanking, Moscow): That arrest made with assistance Soviet soldiers, that Gleysteen held incommunicado at Soviet camp and at Kom[manda]tura, and that he interrogated there by two Soviet officers are all examples of Soviet official abrogation [arrogation?] of authority in Dairen. Such [Page 867] examples would bring home to Chinese public China’s loss of sovereignty Dairen area and real meaning Sino-Soviet treaty and would provide picture future Soviet domination wherever Soviet administration officials allowed to penetrate.

Sent Department 803, repeated Dairen 28, OffEmb Canton 271, Shanghai 401, passed Moscow 26.