893.00B/4–1249: Telegram

The Consul at Dairen (Paddock) to the Secretary of State

106. Emergence of Chinese Communist Party in Kwantung and admission that it attached to Northeast Bureau of Chinese Communist Party not yet followed by any formal recognition of Kwantung administration.

Actual control this local government apparatus in Chinese Communist hands since established 1946 (re Consulate Report 10, October 15, pages 16–1814). To make it purely Communist, only puppet [Page 865] figureheads need be removed although change may also bring to power new cadres “to cope with new conditions”.

First indication that avowed Chinese Communists may hold top positions as well those of real power was resignation puppet Mayor Hsu and replaced by Chinese Communist Mao (re immediately preceding telegram.15)

Mao referred to as “mayor” in press last few weeks but press only today announced change. Even now Mao is only Acting Mayor.

It possible Soviets and Chinese Communists awaiting some famous day like May Day to effect formal changes in Kwantung government. They perhaps also postponing action pending imple[menta]tion larger plans of Chinese Communists (re paragraph 2, Nanking telegram 739 to Department, April 10, repeated Canton, Shanghai, Moscow, Peiping, Seoul).

Sent Nanking 70; repeated Department 106, Shanghai 102, Embassy Canton 19, Moscow 55, Seoul 17, Peiping 5.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Telegram No. 105, April 12, not printed.