893.00/1–2649: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

219. In line with Pai Chung-hsi’s62 recent refusal send favored Kwangsi troops for defense Nanking and rejection Generalissimo’s request to confer in Nanking, Hankow ConGentel No. 8, January

[Page 86]

1763 offers following: Pai privately stated inability hold Hankow with intention withdraw if Communists reinforce Central China. Further believes his strength unable hold even Yangtze line. Consulate General observed January 15–16 military trainloads vehicles, horses, office equipment, furniture, et cetera en route Kweilin but no troops nor ordnance. Artillery ordnance and troops, however, continue cross river apparently for rapid Kwangsi retreat when time ripe.

Sent Department, Canton 9, pouched Shanghai.

  1. Military and Political Affairs Director for Central China.
  2. Apparently not sent to the Department of State.