501.BC Indonesia/11–2949: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Beam) to the Secretary of State


944. Crocus 828. At meeting Batavia evening 26 Republican and BFO representatives agreed on resolution setting up “National Preparatory Committee” to make arrangements between Republicans and BFO and between latter two and Dutch re details sovereignty transfer. Committee will consist 32 members, but Steering Committee of five Republicans and five BFO has been created with Roem as chairman and Anak Agung as vice chairman. Committee is to begin work immediately.

Resolution consists 14 articles, most important of which provide as follows:

Tasks of NPC include election president of RIS as stipulated in Article 69 (2) of provisional constitution and nomination of cabinet formateurs as well as of actual taking over sovereignty and regulation of necessary formalities, at same time maintaining close contact with UNCI in accordance with Article 6 of covering resolution of RTC.
NPC will immediately enter into consultation with present government of Indonesia and with heads of departments of central administration.
NPC will nominate persons who, on behalf NPC, will be informed about departmental organization.
NPC will continue work of now existing delegations of Republican and BFO towards Netherlands delegation and UNCI.

Understand in practice NPC will in effect replace existing Republican delegation and BFO delegation, but that Netherlands delegation will continue with present composition under chairmanship Jacob. One of most important tasks will of course be preparation details military part of sovereignty transfer and consideration Republican working paper listing arms and ammo requirements (Gocus 8271);

[Page 577]

UNCI deputies take usual position with both sides that it is of course desirable that parties reach as many agreements as they can between themselves, but that we are prepared at any moment to render any such assistance as may be requested. Informally we shall of course keep informed of course of discussions and actively offer cooperation if they appear to be bogging down.

Stikker and Schaik due here today. Dutch state they are merely coming for wider range of general discussions on details of transfer and that advantage of their visit will lie in fact that they have been delegated very broad powers by cabinet to take decisions locally with our [without?] reference Hague. Understand from Jacob that Fockema is due Friday. Signed Dow.

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