501.BC Indonesia/11–2549: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1


In Usgadel No. 112 Nov 23, 1949 Dept outlined to US Del GA and US Rep SC certain principles governing treatment of Indo case in forthcoming discussion GA and SC. [Here follows report and summary of telegram printed supra.]

In ur discretion inform FonOff substance US position this matter, [Page 576] emphasizing desirability strong support New Delhi group for new Indo nation, and suggesting that such assistance can be given helpful initial impetus by expression approval in UN.

Ur comments FonOff reactions requested.2

  1. At 14 posts (Afghanistan, Australia, Burma, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Syria, Philippines, Siam); and repeated in airgram A–145, November 29, to Ceylon.
  2. A circular telegram of December 1, 2 p. m., to the above 14 posts (other than Australia) and to New Zealand quoted comment from the USDel (telegram 1386, December 1, from New York) that the Australian delegation had been instructed to negotiate a resolution, to be cosponsored by 16 New Delhi powers, congratulating the RTC parties on their success and making it clear the Indonesian case should not be kept on the agenda. (501.BC Indonesia/12–149)