701.56d11/11–2949: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Batavia

top secret

598. Eyes only Beam and Dow from Cochran: Will Beam kindly convey orally to Hatta substance of fol strictly personal topsec message from Cochran:

“Believe Indo interests in US can best be served by appt as Amb someone intimately familiar concept RIS and Hague negots. Lemeina by experience, character and dependability shld be ideal.

“Have recently consulted with Sumitro and introduced him ExImBank. With revived ECA funds going principally for textiles and rice, emphasis now being placed on need for financing transportation including harbor improvements, road building machinery, railroad rolling stock and automotive vehicles, and agri production including irrigation developments and farm implements. Sumitro gave general outline needs to be supplemented by data to be assembled soonest. He promised accept proffered cooperation by Neth officials NY and Wash in gathering and presenting data for use ExImBank. In Sumitro absence Besoeki can pursue this task. Sumitro and I agreed no internatl financial mission shld go Indo prior sovereignty transfer.

“Had long visit with ExImBank subsequent Sumitro’s departure. Bank will let Besoeki know its requirements as to program justification and its recommendations re visit of Indo officials to consummate any contract and arrange orders. Even in advance their possible decisions, I suggest Djuanda himself come early Jan since task calls for Cabinet member of highest qualifications.

“Djuanda shld be especially helpful in judging and recommending to you and possibly in selecting appropriate reps for implementing [Page 578] purchase program taking into consideration practices preferred or required by official lending agencies such as ExImBank. Until Djuanda has made necessary survey, believe inadvisable you decide upon or contemplate any exclusive arrangements such as Fox contract.

“Present plan is for Dow to continue as Acting UNCIRep after sovereignty transfer. I will shortly resign from Pakistan and UNCI on understanding agreeable to Hatta (as he proposed to me personally) that I be first US Amb RIS.1 In such event Dept wld take matter up formally through Beam toward end I be in Batavia for inauguration new Govt and possibly in Hague for transfer formalities. This depends, of course on arrangements to be made by Neth and Indo and on schedule involved. I shld naturally like to be ranking Amb after Neth Comm. You will appreciate that no word of my appointment shd get out before announcement Wash made.

“I am assembling some material of possible use to new FonOff as promised Pringo and will be glad to explain opportunities for training Indos in Dept soon as I arrive but suggest this matter be held in abeyance for present.”

Pls see Hatta soonest and give me his reaction, also any pertinent information for my guidance in arranging while here for housing, equipment, staff, etc.

  1. Premier Hatta was highly gratified to hear of Mr. Cochran’s prospective appointment and sent his best wishes (telegram 967, December 4, 10 a. m.).