501.BC Indonesia/1–1449: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Livengood) to the Acting Secretary of State

us urgent

78. Gocus 544. Official communiqué released at 0400 today states “during meeting of Assembly for federal consultation on Thursday at Batavia following resolution was carried unanimously: Assembly for federal consultation at their meeting January 13 at Batavia, wishing attain soon as possible by peaceable means formation of free and sovereign United States Indonesia is of opinion that:

In principle formation of national federal government for whole of Indonesia is necessary for transition to free and sovereign United States of Indonesia;
Decree administration Indonesia during period of transition (BIO) be taken as starting point for formation of above-mentioned government;
Before formation of above-mentioned national government it necessary to consult prominent persons from these territories not yet organized according article 5 of decree administration Indonesia during period of transition.

After this meeting, meeting was held with High Representative Grown at which Drees and Michiels1 present. HRC as well as Drees, on behalf Netherlands Government, expressed their agreement with this resolution. HRC further promised all possible cooperation in order bring about desired contact with those persons referred to in point three of resolution”.

Implementation of point three will be discussed by Assembly today.2 Signed Lisle.

  1. E. Michiels van Verduynen, Netherlands Ambassador in the United Kingdom, accompanied Prime Minister Drees to Indonesia.
  2. Telegram 85, Gocus 549, January 16, reported naming of a committee by the Assembly to carry on preliminary discussions with Indonesian personalities on the formation of a national federal interim government for the whole of Indonesia (501.BC Indonesia/1–1649).