501.BC Indonesia/1–1449: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Livengood) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

us urgent

82. Gocus 545. GOC sending 2 telegrams to reach SC before meeting today.

“1. GOC refers to its report 11 January to SC in which was transmitted correspondence relating to proposal of GOC to Netherlands authorities that it be permitted visit President and certain other leaders of Republic.

2. Arrangements have been made with Netherland Officials whereby GOC will visit Vice President, Chairman RepDel and Minister Education of [on] Bangka on 15 January. Governor will report fully following day to SC on these arrangements and results of trip.

3. GOC has forwarded to NethDel letter from Secretary General of RepubDel requesting that one or more of three members of delegation in Batavia, with whom GOC has contact, be permitted accompany GOC on any visits it may make to Republican leaders. GOC has been informed by NethDel that request has been forwarded authorities competent to deal with matter and that GOC will be informed of their decision later.” (Republican request forwarded Department Gocus 539.2)

Second report reads: “1. Following return to field of Military observers on 9 January (telegraphic report dated 8 January) GOC has now received first report from team in area of Soerabaya. As this first report from field, GOC believes SC will be interested in following points from report even before analysis entire military situation is possible.

Destruction of road, bridges and property has been and still is taking place on much greater scale than anticipated by Netherlands military authorities. Hundreds of bridges destroyed including many important ones. All railroads completely blocked owing destruction of bridges and railroad property. Many main roads central Java still not open and on those which open travel only possible in convoy.
Towns of Lamongan and Bodjonegoro reported badly damaged by fire and demolition and practically uninhabited by local population or troops.
In former Netherlands demilitarized zone, it observed nearly all bridges destroyed and number kampongs destroyed mainly by fire and most deserted.
Number Netherland troops in newly-occupied areas insufficient to prevent roving guerilla bands from moving freely and performing acts sabotage such as destruction newly repaired bridges. Netherlands troops are insufficient to maintain law and order in towns and many Chinese merchants suffered severely from looting.” Signed Lisle.
  1. Repeated in telegram 36, January 15, 3 p. m., to The Hague.
  2. Telegram 67, January 12, not printed.