501.BB Palestine/5–1249: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Syria


us urgent


209. USUN reports1 that Bunche has sent Vigier revised compromise proposal for settlement Israeli-Syrian discussions. Dept considers this probably fairest possible solution impasse.

[Page 1004]

For your info proposal is along following lines:

[Here follows a summary of points a, b, c, and d in telegram 587.]

Pls inform Syrian Govt soonest Dept sincerely hopes it can agree to foregoing plan. It is most unlikely that they could hope for more favorable settlement if negotiations should break down and question be referred to SC. Syrians stand to gain thru Israeli withdrawal and thru immeasurably improved prospects of reaching final settlement Lausanne which would result from armistice settlement.

Dept is making similar reps at Tel Aviv.2

  1. In telegram 587, May 12, p. 1000.
  2. In telegram 288, May 12, 7 p. m., not printed, the last two paragraphs stated: “Pls inform Israeli Govt soonest Dept sincerely hopes they can accept this compromise since it should result in withdrawal of Syrians from Palestine which is presumably their major objective, and immeasurably increase possibilities of reaching final agreement at Lausanne.

    “Also state Dept is likewise urging acceptance on Syrian Govt.” (501.BB Palestine/5–1249)

    Telegrams 209 and 288 were repeated to New York.