501.BB Palestine/4–3049: Telegram

The Consul at Jerusalem (Burdett) to the Secretary of State


342. Colonel Dayan yesterday furnished following information:

(1) Activities of special committee—at last meeting Arab delegation stated they were proceeding to Lausanne and proposed special [Page 961]committee suspend work until their return. Israeli “put pressure” on Transjordan stating would not discuss peace or other questions at Lausanne unless Transjordan conformed to armistice agreement and continued special committee talks. Transjordan agreed appoint other representatives to continue work.

[Here follows remainder of telegram primarily concerning action taken by the special committee, principally the movement of traffic on vital roads and the operation of the railroad, and on territorial settlement in Jerusalem. Concerning the latter point, the Trans-jordanians were said to have “refused discuss any territorial changes stating that should be considered at Lausanne. Dayan emphasized negotiations for territorial changes should be on basis what each party now holds and not on what held before war or ownership.”]