501.BB Palestine/3–1849: Telegram

The Consul at Jerusalem ( Burdett ) to the Secretary of State


us urgent

233. Palun 88. For Acheson from Ethridge. Technical study entitled “Arab refugee problem” handed me yesterday by Israeli Government largely repeats Sharett’s statement in previous conversations. Study begins with denial of responsibility, minimizes dislocation and in brief can be summed up in one sentence “when the whole matter comes up for discussion in the context of general peace talks the Israeli Government will consider whether conditions are stable enough for a certain number to come back without creating a security problem”. Study emphasizes Israeli viewpoint that resettlement in Arab states is main solution and not repatriation and continues with estimate of abilities of Arab states to absorb them.

Pouching text.

Sent Department, repeated Baghdad 17, Damascus 14, Cairo 17, Jidda 8, Amman 18. [Ethridge.]