867N.01/3–1249: Telegram

Mr. Wells Stabler to the Secretary of State


100. 1. It is understood that Sassoon has sent message to King within, past two days to following effect:

Israelis advancing in Negev have no intention crossing Transjordan frontier or of attacking Akaba and King should so inform his “British allies”;
Israel hopes Arab Legion and British forces will receive orders not to attack Israeli Forces in order that present excellent relations existing between Israel and Transjordan may continue;
Israel wishes conclude peace settlements soonest with Transjordan provided Transjordan and British will not take aggressive action in Negev. King’s reply is expected to be noncommital.

2. British troops at Akaba have been ordered by British Government to use restraint and in event Israelis cross frontier, to warn them to retire before opening fire. All Israeli aircraft over Transjordan positions will be fired on immediately.

3. Glubb said this morning that in signing cease-fire agreement yesterday at Rhodes Israelis would not agree to clause re extension cease-fire to Iraqi areas if and when Legion took over (Legtel 91, March 9). Bunche consequently informed both sides in writing that [Page 824] at such time as Arab Legion took over Iraqi front line it would be incumbent on both parties to discuss extension present agreement those areas.

4. Israelis are reported to have occupied in past 48 hours no man’s land in Beitjibrin–Faluja area, taking over 15 Arab villages.

Sent Department 100, repeated Jerusalem 63 for PCC.