890.0145/6–149: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran (Wiley) to the Secretary of State


726. Jidda 374, May 29 to Dept, 286 Cairo, 270 London.1 Since approach to Iran Government in accordance instructions Deptel 782 [487], May 27 (repeated London 1859, Baghdad 226) would now be “after the event” rather than before as contemplated by Department I would appreciate receiving any revisions in instructions Department considers advisable. For example, if asked why Iran Government was not informed before I could no longer reply that we felt obliged to reply to SAG before informing other states (Deptel 1025 November 1,2 repeated London 4160).

As we would now be in position of informing Iran Government of fait accompli taken by another state I question whether any useful purpose will be served by saying anything at this time. If any questions are asked I can emphasize that advice given [Saudis] was carefully designed to avoid offense to any other riparian state.

Moreover, as we have not seen fit to inform Iran Government what we were doing even though they had a general idea of what was going on and as Iran Government has independently sought expert counsel in drafting its own bill (Professor Gidel), I question whether it is good diplomacy at this moment gratuitously to suggest to Iran Government a number of changes in their bill which are of a highly technical nature (Deptel 782 [487]). In view of Department’s reaction that Iran bill takes a “very favorable line” (Deptel sent London 1558,3 repeated Jidda 179, Tehran 419) and similar reaction from Foreign Office London I suggest that we should avoid raising any objections unless they are of a sort really basic to our interests.

Sent Department 726, repeated Jidda 10, Baghdad 62, Cairo 31, London 120.

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