890.0145/5–2549: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iran 1


us urgent

474. [Here follow two paragraphs concerning a broadcast on May 20 by Radio Tehran which gave the text of Iranian legislation dealing with subsea resources, along the lines of telegram 691 from Tehran, supra.]

Dept believes Iran action, if verified by you, makes it imperative Emb approach Iran Gov earliest with view achieving purpose set for Para 2 Jidda’s [Dhahran’s] 165, May 142 (to Tehran as 58). Conversation wld be based on Dept’s A–23, Mar 2 and subsequent communications setting forth desirable principles.

Dept is concerned lest ambiguous wording Iran bill (such as “riches in the sea” which cld be interpreted as not referring to minerals under the sea but including fish) set undesirable precedent in regard to both tone and content.

You shld inform Brit Amb this instr and discuss desirability Brit following action in light Emb London’s 2006, May 233 (to Tehran as 61). Emb London shld inform Brit Govt Dept believes impending Iran action makes immediate approach necessary.

Dept hopes you can influence Iran Gov to amend bill to set forth clearly principles contained Truman Proclamation Sept. 28, 1945.

  1. The telegram was repeated to Jidda, London, and Cairo.
  2. Not printed; this paragraph read as follows: “Most important consideration believed to be issuance initial proclamation which follow most closely lines Department general principles and in general pattern laid down after extensive consultation of Department with various interested authorities and parties.” (890.0145/5–1449)
  3. Not printed.