890.0145/5–349: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


1558. In light info Tehran’s 603, May 4,2 Dept believes may be desirable for Wiley approach Iran PriMin shortly for conversation along lines instructions contained Deptel 1304, Apr. 14.3 Such approach wld be altered to fit possibly Iran proclamation may actually precede that of SAG.

Iran draft bill appears to take very favorable line. Under circumstances, Dept believes might be useful if Iranians did act shortly, since this wld undoubtedly push SAG into early action and thereby tend to prevent dangers pointed out by Childs in Jidda’s 326, May 3.

Before instructing Wiley to make approach, Dept requests Emb London ascertain and report views Brit Govt and desires Amb Childs’ views desirability such action.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Jidda, Dhahran, Tehran, and Cairo.
  2. Not printed; Ambassador Wiley reported information that “Council Ministers has been given for consideration draft bill dealing with Iran rights in subsea Persian Gulf beyond territorial six mile limit. Bill … is said to follow closely Truman Declaration, asserting Iran’s right to control development of any oil or other riches in subsea beyond six mile limit and extending as far as continental shelf extends. In event continental shelf extends into jurisdiction of neighboring country, division is to be determined by mutual agreement among countries concerned.” (890.0145/5–449)
  3. This was a repeat of No. 342 to Tehran, p. 120.