890.0145/1–349: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Saudi Arabia 1


33. Urtels 622, Dec 28 and 4, Jan 3.2 Dept agrees ur estimate desirability early advice SAG re offshore problem.

Brit Emb has informed Dept doubts on part of Bevin FonOff legal experts, and UK Treas re appropriate action make prospect Brit agreement uncertain; in circumstances UK has no objection US Govt proceed with reply SAG request for guidance.

Recent discussions with Amb Wiley, Brit and ARAMCO have resulted our abandoning median line plan and probable substitution transmittal to SAG text Truman Proclamation with explanation pertinent principles applicable SAG offshore area, with indication we perceive no objection to ARAMCO draft embodying those principles in suggested decree. ARAMCO draft would have SAG declare its jurisdiction and control over submerged areas of Persian Gulf extending seaward beyond territorial waters Saudi Arabia, boundaries to be determined as occasion arises on equitable principles by SAG in agreement with states having jurisdiction over adjoining submerged areas.

Series conferences with ARAMCO officials and their lawyers Judge Hudson and Young expected terminate early next week after which Dept hopes wire you instructions re substance and procedure US advice through you to SAG.3

  1. This telegram was repeated to Cairo, London (as No. 324), and Tehran.
  2. Neither printed.
  3. Not printed.