868.014/3–1149: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Yugoslavia


122. Ur 237 Mar 8.1 We share ur appraisal situation on basis info available and assessment probabilities. Concur likelihood Sov effort would take form fomenting trouble Macedonia, sequence probably to include announcement independent Macedonian state and emphasis to be placed on ostensibly spontaneous indigenous nature rising. Feel overt Sov or satellite support or sponsorship would be avoided at least initial stages. Balance of intelligence here does not indicate appreciable increase level mobilization neighbors.

Dept carefully studying whole matter in consultation with other interested agencies US Govt.

  1. In this telegram Ambassador Cannon reviewed the evidence of steadily mounting tension along Yugoslavia’s frontiers with Cominform countries which inclined him to the theory that the major Cominform political effort against Yugoslavia would come through Macedonia and that Greek guerrillas and Slavo-Macedonians would serve as primary agents. For the text of this telegram, see vol. v, p. 877.