867.00/6–2849: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Turkey


247. Ur 2921 read with interest in view sensational AP despatch June 27 announcing “major political crisis punctuated by hints of revolution over Govt’s internal policies broke suddenly in Turkey tonight” and peppered with such phrases as “inciting people to revolt”, “terroristic atmosphere”, “emergency GNA session to cope with revolutionary [Page 1675]movement”, etc. Ur further evaluation of potential danger in present situation requested.

If you think desirable at this juncture you may seek audience Inonu and stress in friendly manner USA’s interest in orderly development democratic processes.2

  1. Telegram 292, June 28, from Ankara, not printed, reported that the Turkish Democratic Party, the major opposition party in Turkey, had adopted a convention resolution urging that electoral irregularities in the forthcoming 1950 national elections he met with “legitimate self-defense.” The Turkish Government had subsequently issued a communiqué promising free and unfettered elections but warning against the efforts of the Democratic Party to create an atmosphere of “disquiet.” (867.00/6–2849)
  2. In his telegram 296, July 1, from Ankara, not printed, Ambassador Wadsworth observed that the “alarmist language” of the Associated Press despatch was entirely unwarranted and that there was no “revolutionary movement.” He did not believe an audience with the President was desirable. (867.00/7–149)