867.20/5–1149: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Secretary of State


1831. Rumbold1 gave us today following information concerning conversation Bevin had with Turkish Foreign Minister Sadak here May 6:

Sadak enquired whether Bevin had anything to say regarding Turkish position in security system which Western Powers in process creating. Sadak said, in view Turkish disappointment, on return Turkey he would have to make some statement regarding results his visits US and Britain. In reply Bevin said US and UK had gone as far as they could at moment in safeguarding interests of Turkey. Bevin went on say Sadak could be sure that declarations regarding Turkey made by Secretary Acheson and himself in connection Atlantic Pact signing had prior approval of respective Chiefs of Staff. Bevin told Sadak Turkey better off under Truman Doctrine with substantial [Page 1671]flow supplies than under pact where Turkey would have to await Congressional approval before obtaining equipment. Bevin said important point is ratification of pact by Congress and nothing should be done or said to make Secretary Acheson’s task more difficult. Bevin added that care must be taken as to public statements so as not to overstrain good will of Congress. Sadak stated he was aware of this and would bear it in mind; that Secretary Acheson had spoken to him in same sense.

Sadak asked assurance that Turk’s position so far as security concerned would be reexamined as soon as Atlantic Pact ratified. Bevin replied he would make no promise but had every hope Turkey would find satisfaction in due course.

Bevin agreed with Sadak European situation improved over year ago, particularly France. Bevin said we must continue firm and cautious policy towards Russia. He thought Greek guerrilla “peace oilers” probably part of peace offensive. Finally Bevin, in reply to enquiry by Sadak, indicated Turkey would be included in Council of Europe possibly before August session Strasbourg. Rumbold said full text above conversation being airmailed British Embassy Washington with instructions to inform Department.

Sent Department, repeated Ankara 27.

  1. Sir Horace Rumbold, Head of the Southern Department, British Foreign Office.