The President of Turkey ( Inönü ) to President Truman 1

Mr. President: Availing myself of the opportunity of the departure of Mr. Necmeddin Sadak, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the United States of America where he will preside over the Turkish delegation at the General Assembly of the United Nations and get in touch with leading American personalities in Washington, may I reaffirm to Your Excellency through this message the sincere friendship and deep admiration which the Turkish people and myself feel for the Great American nation and its eminent President.

I have no doubt that in his contacts and conversations our Minister of Foreign Affairs will always receive the most favourable welcome and that the close friendship which binds our two countries and the sincere collaboration which characterizes their mutual relations shall be further promoted and strengthened. I am all the more convinced in this belief, as your wise and farsighted policy has never failed to manifest itself towards Turkey with all the interest she inspires. In this connection, I should like to lay particular stress on the precious military aid which has been given to us by the United States in one of the most critical periods which the world is going through, and for which the entire Turkish nation is imbued with the most profound gratitude.

With the expression of my best wishes for your personal health and happiness as well as the prosperity of the American nation, please accept [etc.]

Ismet Inönü
  1. This letter was delivered to President Truman by the Turkish Foreign Minister during a brief courtesy call at the White House on April 13. No record has been found of the substance of discussion between the President and the Foreign Minister. At his news conference on April 14, President Truman commented on the brief, courtesy nature of the call; see Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Harry, S. Truman, 1949 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1964), p. 214.