Editorial Note

In NSC Action 173 of January 10, 1949, the National Security Council approved the conclusions of Policy Planning Staff paper PPS 46, November 30, 1948, entitled “The Position of the United States with respect to the Use of United States Military Power in [Page 236]Greece.” PPS 46 concluded that the developments in the Greek situation had not been of sufficient consequence either to require the sending of United States armed forces to Greece as token forces or for military operations, or to require the reconsideration of an earlier decision that the problem of Greece did not itself necessitate the strengthening of United States forces in the Mediterranean area or the adoption of measures equivalent to the initiation of mobilization. For the text of PPS 46, circulated as a draft report to the National Security Council on November 30, 1948, see Foreign Relations, 1948, volume IV, page 205.