840.50 Recovery/2–1649: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


670. Pass ECA as Toeca for David Bruce and McDaniel.

According Foreign Office informant, east-west trade meeting attended by French, British, Swiss, Scandinavian and Benelux representatives held Paris February 14; Anglo-French list (Embtel 496 February 5, Toeca 6501) was presented and contents discussed in general.
All countries agreed as to importance some form security measures, but many had reservations re control various items on joint list because severe effect on trade. Official stated confidentially that Dutch appeared more reluctant than any other country.
A major concern was question devising practical methods export control. Establishment control machinery expected to be difficult with attendant undesirable publicity almost impossible avoid.
Possibility eventual establishment common list agreed to by all highly doubtful in French view.
List now being studied by participating countries; future meetings to be held Paris for purpose obtaining further views and reconcilement of differences. Apparently future discussions this subject will be on multilateral basis, and respective countries to be represented by their representatives to OEEC.
Official reaffirmed French view that Anglo-French approach to control problem offers best way attain security objectives. French ground for this view is that participating countries will cooperate more fully on “voluntary” basis than under “pressure” from US.
Official stated French continue to condition extent their own final adherence to list on extent adherence other participating countries.

OSR informed.

Sent Department as 670, repeated London as 140.

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