800.000 Summaries/12–1649: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1

top secret

(Topsec) (Infotel). We have informed Min Heath in Sofia that shld break in dipl relations with Bulg develop we wld base our action on treatment accorded him and our mission generally but that we wld not by breaking relations call in question legality present govt of Bulg. While we wld continue and perhaps intensify our propaganda to expose purposes and methods present Bulg regime, we do not contemplate recognition of any govt in exile or other challenge of legality present regime nor any intensification econ restrictions or similar measures.

  1. This telegram was sent to the Embassies in Belgrade, London, Moscow, Paris, Praha, Rome, and Warsaw, and to the Legations in Bucharest and Budapest. It constitutes a close paraphrase of telegram 439, December 15, to Sofia, not printed (124.74/12–1549).