123 Heath, Donald R.: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Bulgaria

top secret


426. Dept has decided upon fol course of action (reurtels 1046 and 1047 Dec 10 and 1044 Dec 91):

UnSecy will call in Bulg Chargé Mon Dec 12 and inform him Dept wishes him to realize and advise his govt ur remarks to Asst FonMin Dec 3 not meant merely as statement to set record straight and properly label as such the falsehoods contained in indictment, but also to impress on BulGovt serious concern with which US views recent Bulg actions and apparent intention totally disregard internatl law and comity in conduct its relations with US. In this connection UnSecy will mention statements at trial and continued press attacks, specifically citing Guenov’s signed article in Otechestven Front Dec 8, as having served increase seriousness with which US Govt views situation.2
Immed fol interview Dept will issue press release referring ur statement to FonOff, subsequent actions BulGovt including press attacks, and UnSecy’s statement to Bulg Chargé.3
If BulGovt does not demand ur recall Dept concurs you shld remain until future attitude BulGovt toward you and Leg can be clearly determined.
If BulGovt demands ur recall Dept contemplates ordering you home for consultation publicly rejecting validity reasons which probably will be given as justifying demand. Question of full break in relations wld be dealt with after ur return. One of reasons for thus delaying final break is hope successfully execute proposal outlined ur 1038 Dec 9.4 (Sent Sofia, rptd Moscow, Belgrade, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest and Bucharest.)

  1. Summaries of telegrams 1046 and 1047 are included in footnote 6 to telegram 1044, December 9, from Sofia, p. 372.
  2. See Under Secretary of State Webb’s memorandum of conversation, supra.
  3. For the text of the press release under reference here, see Department of State Bulletin, December 26, 1949, p. 981.
  4. The message under reference, which was not declassified for inclusion in this volume, reviewed possible measures to be taken in the Shipkov case. (124.743/12–949) Regarding the Shipkov case, see the memorandum prepared in the Office of Eastern European Affairs, October 20, p. 354.