860C.00/2–2549: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland (Gallman) to the Secretary of State


294. I regret that Embtel 231, February 151 should have been interpreted in Moscow’s 456, February 242 as condemning US to “stand idly by indefinitely” while Poland Sovietized. Believe that [Page 232] careful reading ourtel, in context consistent recommendations being made by US for VOA use, makes it clear that our basic objection is not to pressing political and psychological warfare in Eastern Europe but only to airing political case now in UN or otherwise, in disregard of risk of its back-firing to advantage of USSR. I feel, on basis our political and propaganda activities to date, that there is no occasion for concern lest Poles become discouraged through “our silence and apparent lack interest” and that, with deference to Moscow’s knowledge of Poland and Polish mind hopes and “fighting spirit” of Pole are more likely to be maintained to our ultimate advantage if we impress him with our political sagacity vis-á-vis the USSR, then if we expose ourselves without prospects of success. Poland with memory of our impotence in 1939, is fully aware that geography conspires against us but may be relied on, in my opinion, to maintain his essential orientation and to continue to resist Sovietization for some considerable future period, especially if he can perceive steady and certain progress on our part toward passing to the offensive against USSR.

Sent Department 294; repeated Moscow 60; London 31.

  1. Not printed, but see editorial note, p. 226.
  2. Supra.