864.404/2–2449: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kohler) to the Secretary of State


456. Agree with Department and Warsaw that proposed action (Depcirtel January 31,1 Deptel 508 to London February 122 and Warsaw’s 232 [231?] to Department February 153) regarding satellites be directed in first instance against treaty states and particularly Hungary, but feel strongly that if and when approach broadened to Moscow’s other east Europe vassals, Poland should not be omitted.

We cannot help feel general thesis Warsaw’s reference telegram would condemn us stand idly by indefinitely while individual right and free institutions east Europe are destroyed and people reduced to enslaved condition Soviet population. Reasons for west’s “inability pursue to logical conclusion political offensive designed force settlement with USSR” so obviously geographical our silence and apparent lack interest more likely to discourage Poles than fact that our activity has no prospect of quick results.

In our view, our best traditions and our present interests require US to be constantly on offensive in political and psychological warfare fields in east Europe, retaining initiative in every possible way and stimulating resistance to Sovietization countries this area now in process. We cannot agree that even from humanitarian point of view we do these peoples a favor by remaining silent and inactive. That some resistance leaders should perhaps meet ruthless suppression is surely better than that entire population should supinely lose everything that makes human life worth while. Chances for these peoples to regain their freedom will in the long run depend largely on maintenance their love liberty and fighting spirit. These will surely wither-away unless kept exercised.

Sent Department, repeated Warsaw 15, London 50.

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