711.4027/2–1149: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Kirk) to the Secretary of State


225. Embtel 186, February 3.1 Loridan2 states our note to Foreign Office re civil aviation policy toward satellites carefully studied and that Belgians agree “in principle with general line set forth therein.” He said, however, that since objectives primarily concern security, entire problem should be examined by the permanent and military committees of Brussels pact powers in London with view adoption common stand. Loridan said under such circumstances Belgians envisaged US being represented in London by observers or technicians who could adequately present US views. He reiterated general Belgian agreement in principle to our approach but said Belgians would be unwilling to agree US–UK policy unless Dutch and French agree, [since?] objectives of policy would be vitiated and Belgium would be saddled with commitments which would not further curtailment of Soviet penetration and would give KLM and/or Air France competitive advantage.

For above reasons Belgians feel strongly that common agreement must be reached by Brussels pact powers and US and believe examination by London committees offered possibilities of speediest and most realistic solution.

Loridan said we would have note from Foreign Office on this in day or two and if other powers agree conversations in London could probably be initiated within week or ten days.

Sent Department 225; repeated Paris 34; London 16; Hague 15; Bern 4; pouched Berlin, Luxembourg.

  1. Not printed. It reported that the American and British Embassies had delivered notes that day to the Belgian Foreign Ministry regarding civil aviation policy with respect to Eastern Europe (711.4027/2–349).
  2. Walter Loridan, Director General of the Political Department, Belgian Foreign Ministry.