711.4027/2–849: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


375. Reurtel 401 Jan. 31.2 Dept not now prepared instruct Tel Aviv change instrs from info to action for fol reasons:

Dept doubts efforts induce Israelis terminate Czech Airlines’ services would be successful at this time since Israelis would probably be reluctant take initiative and Israel not likely wish sever only scheduled internatl air connection. Dept does not wish suggest Israelis terminate this service when TWA or other scheduled carriers not in position resume service Israel.
In view above, believe effort should be concentrated first upon termination CSA services Greece and Turkey.
Dept hopes for increased Amer influence Israeli civil aviation through provision technical assistance various forms, thus giving US [Page 191] more satis basis for approach Israel than now exists re implementation our policy.3
  1. Repeated to Tel Aviv, London, Bern, Athens, Ankara, and Cairo.
  2. Not printed. It inquired if, in view of the French and British de facto recognition of Israel and the possible early settlement of Arab-Israeli warfare, it would be appropriate actively to seek Israeli adherence to U.S.-U.K. civil aviation policy toward Eastern Europe (711.4027/1–3149).
  3. Telegram 966, March 14, from London, not printed, reviewed arguments for securing Israeli adherence to the civil aviation policy toward Eastern Europe (711.4027/3–1449). Telegram 902, March 17, to London, not printed, replied that the Department of State did not feel that the time was ripe for an approach to the Israeli Government, and that chances for a successful approach would be greater after Western air carriers resumed scheduled service to Israel (711.4027/8–1449).