834.00/3–1749: Telegram

The Ambassador in Paraguay (Warren) to the Secretary of State


103. Re Rio 198 March 16.1

Following summary political situation today offered:

First time many years government hands civilians.
Most “democratic” government Paraguay has had many years now functioning.
Army appears be hands officers friendly, responsive to civilian leaders.
Importance capital police as military force capable conspiring against government, reduced minimum yesterday by confiscation nine truckloads rifles and machine guns.
Democolorados feel they completely control forces agencies necessary remain office.
They have already commenced substitution interior Paraguayan Democolorado officials for Guiones, change to be complete within two weeks.
Three sources report confidentially President Molas now definitely aligned with Democolorados after offering to resign yesterday and tender being refused by Federico Chávez, President Junta Gobierno. Chávez promised Molas would serve presidency until 1953, if latter works with Democolorados. Chávez further declared Molas successor would be chosen 1953 by election all Paraguayan people. Molas agreed.
Guiones, Liberato Rodríquez, and Molas brothers, suffered great defeat removal Liberato from Ministry Interior and disarming police force.
Democolorados assert that for first time 40 years, Colorados now have complete control country.

Comment: Embassy opinion government now hands most democratic group Paraguay. Leaders this government will try promote growth democracy this country. Molas can continue as President as long as he desires cooperate Democolorados. Latter can force his resignation any time if they maintain their present strength. Great need now for government is USA and Brazilian recognition.

Sent Department 103, repeated Rio 13; Department repeat Army and USAF.

  1. Not printed; it stated that the Brazilian Foreign Ministry had informed the American Embassy in Rio de Janeiro that no action had been taken with respect to recognition of the present government in Paraguay, since the situation there was regarded as being not yet entirely clear (834.01/3–1649).