834.01/3–2949: Telegram

The Ambassador in Paraguay (Warren) to the Secretary of State


us urgent niact

116. In reaching final decision re resumption normal relations mentioned Deptel 24, March 28,1 following survey may be helpful:

Democolo Government has lasted 31 days and appears be firmly control government and country.
Government promises observe fulfill all international commitments obligations.
Government entirely hands civilians with Paraguayan Army responsive to civilian leaders. These leaders all belong Democratic sector Colorado Party.
Government enjoys wide civilian support (we believe majority people Paraguay today).
Following accomplishments of government must be noted:
Broken recent Latin American trend set up military governments in time stress.
Brought Paraguayan military under civilian control.
Broke police as military force in Paraguay.
Overcame domination Colorado Party by Guiones, a minority group.
Began moralization government by prohibition graft and payment legitimate bills.
Divorced itself from venal González congress by seeking relations other governments basis de facto existence instead of constitutional fiction.
Freed all political prisoners (over 300) thus making first move toward amnesty for opposing political figures.
Commenced pacification interior country so effectively results already evident visitors from Asunción.
Created Cabinet to [of?] first-rate men.
Made evident [de?] termination follow democratic lead western world.
Managed make payments [apparent omission] despite depleted treasury.
Took as leaders men who during dark months since November 1947 remained constant their devotion democratic cause.
Continued endeavor unify Colorado Party basis keeping agreement with Molas López and permitting large Guion representation new congress.
Insisted its leaders continue support Molas as long as he recognizes Democolo leadership. His resignation or failure to go along with Democolos would not alter broad basis their strength.
Argentina, Peru, Spain, Costa Rica, Holy See have recognized.
Government has repeatedly told Embassy informally its greatest need for stability success now is resumption relations by USA.

Comment: Embassy has no doubt desire determination present government continue course that will promote democracy and follow USA lead. Its every move thus far has been based that idea. Government leaders deliberately turned down Rolón and chose civilian Molas endeavor eliminate military control Paraguayan politics, an action that broke trend toward military regimes. Our delay recognition plays into hands military and Caudillo groups who desire run this country as their personal fief. Recognition will support friends of democracy. Continued nonrecognition would be the greatest boost to undemocratic forces.

  1. The text of this telegram read as follows:

    “For ur info only, final decision re resumption normal relations not reached. Braz Govt suggested concurrent action but of course no necessity this procedure if it desires act immed.” (834.01/3–2849)