834.00/3–749: Telegram

The Ambassador in Paraguay ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State


91. Please see last sentence Embtel 87 March 3. Molas Govt has lasted 8 days. Cabinet first time many years entirely civilian leaders. At most, three Guion Cabinet members. Of these Mallorquin and Saldivar inclining toward Democolos. Youthful and certain other Democolos already pressuring Guion Minister Interior Rodríguez who many believe will have to go in course time. Democolo leaders pleased with Molas thus far. Party’s efforts have begun effect pacification party and country. Some indications govt already considering [Page 755] form partial amnesty permit return certain politically less important liberals. Although there have been certain minor disturbances interior country govt seems firmly control and has taken certain measures like curfew, road blocks insure against any counter move by ousted military Gonzalista Moriniguista elements.

This mission inclined recommend USA recognize Molas Govt for these reasons:

Molas nearest civilian Democratic govt Paraguay had many years. Has called elections April 17.
Present cabinet composed best leaders Paraguay today.
Failure recognize regime trying return Democratic processes will encourage anti-Democratic forces and weaken Democratic trend. May even swing Molas behind combined Gonzalista Moriniguist elements and cause return military dictatorship or create such conditions that Communists may be able take advantage situation.
Govt has promised observe fulfill all international obligations commitments.
Will become increasingly difficult operate our ground air agricultural education public health missions without recognition.

It is respectfully suggested Dept may desire consult other Republics this hemisphere regarding recognition Molas regime. Should events next few days change Embassy views set forth above Dept will be informed immediately.