Secretary’s Memoranda, Lot 53D4441

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State


Meeting With President, Monday, June 13, 1949

hearings on point iv

I informed the President that we were having discussions with the leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with the thought of programming hearings on Point IV legislation while the Labor Bill is being debated. I indicated that if this were not done we would have little opportunity to get the legislation through in this session. The President indicated his approval of this timing. He does have Point IV related to the Military Assistance Program in his mind and specifically said that he thought it was helpful to have the Point IV program go a little ahead of the Military Assistance Program since one is for peace and one is for war.2

James E. Webb
  1. Comprehensive chronological collections of the Secretary of State’s memoranda, memoranda of conversations, and memoranda of conversations with the President for the years 1947–1953, as maintained by the Executive Secretariat of the Department of State.
  2. On June 24 a Presidential Message was sent to the Congress recommending the enactment of legislation to authorize an expanded program of technical assistance “to assist the peoples of economically underdeveloped areas to raise their standards of living. …” For text, see Department of State Bulletin, July 4, 1949, pp. 862 ff.